About Me

About Me:


Welcome to my primary business BLOG.  In this venue, I write about business issues and how to improve your management techniques based on my personal experience of more than 20 years leading and advising some of the largest corporations as well as a few smaller start-ups in the world. 


Since the age of eleven when I was miraculously healed of Leukemia, I have been composing music and writing lyrics of a spiritual nature.  I have always been creative and love to mix creative arts with technical capabilities such as creating original music videos for sale on DVD, or just putting together new ways to see a family photo album.  I am an active member of the SDA church although I believe we do many things incorrectly.J  I have been married for over 25 years, raised three children the last of which just graduated from college and has moved to L.A. to join his sister in pursuing a career in the entertainment industry as a comedy writer.  To relax, I love spending time at the beach and in the water, pretty much any water, pools, lakes, oceans, rivers, you get the idea …


I attended college at Southwestern Adventist University, Texas Christian University, and Florida Metropolitan University where I maintained a GPA of 3.85 out of 4.00.  I was nominated to the Who's Who in American Universities and graduated with 2 formal degrees; a B.S. in Management Science, an A.S. in Computer Science, and the equivalent of an A.A. (90+ credit hours) in Communications Radio-TV-Film.  Since college, I have attended continuing certification courses from premier vendors such as Microsoft and ORACLE; as well as internal company certifications from Lockheed Martin and Gartner Group.

Work Experience:

·         My work experience began right after college at Martin Marietta Information Systems (now Lockheed Martin) where I joined the team as PC developer.  This was brand new cutting edge technology at the time, and our group was one of the first to show the value of PC's to the business enterprise. 
·         After nine years, I was recruited to Gartner Group in Stamford CT where I joined the team as a senior management consultant.  My practice centered on advising corporations how to implement a technical architecture strategy to maximize the value of infrastructure investment and develop critical HR assets. 
·         After spending some time with Gartner, I realized the Internet would be the next major "wave" in American business and so I elected to join GST Internet as the Vice President of Operations.  GST was a west coast roll-up of dial capability, WEB site development, and consulting.  I gained valuable experience at GST and began to see the potential of hosted applications or as they are known better today - application software as a service.  GST was eventually purchase by Sprint.
·         I joined Interliant Inc as the senior vice president of Operations and was part of a pioneer development team working with IBM/Lotus and Microsoft to develop the middleware necessary to begin offering software over the Internet.  I was a part of going public and purchasing many other companies to roll into our organization greatly increasing our reach and service line.  Interliant was eventually purchased by Navisite.
·         After cashing out of Interliant, I have been operating my own personal consulting firm entitled Nelson Data Systems working in different capacities for a small number of clients such as Quovera Inc., Universal Studios, Central SDA Church, and BGC Limited in the Bahamas.