Friday, January 1, 2010

Why Me? (part 1 of 3)

This question is usually directed in one of two ways, either "Why Me?" meaning how could something this horrible happen to someone as wonderful as me; or the less often reference, how could something this wonderful have happened to me as I do not deserve it. We'll look at the first reference viewpoint in this section, starting with the concept of 'me'.

If existence is to have a personalized meaning, a meaning that is unique to the individual, this would require that our origin stem from something unique in itself. Ever wondered why snowflakes are supposed to be completely unique? Ever wondered why fingerprints, DNA, and retinal scans, etc.. are unique? There are no 2 people identical throughout our world, even though twins may be close, they are still individually distinguishable. Then too look around at the world in your vicinity - note the variance in nature - the number of different plants, bugs, and animals that surround you. Just in these three forms of life there is a tremendous level of variety, or uniqueness. It appears difficult to find two trees that are exactly alike, same number and location of branches, same number and shape of leaves, same color, and same schedule for fall & spring. Why so much uniqueness? It seems to me that once the pure science of evolution found a model that worked, it would then tend to repeat the winning formula, not continue to alter it towards an uncertain end.

I cannot definitively give an answer to the metaphysical question "why are we all unique" (though we know how), I can only guess, that the Creator God likes to continually create. Creating is different from mass production in that it requires something new and unique in each issue. Memorializing the same thought thousands of times is different from inventing a thousand new thoughts. And though we may not fully understand the 'why' part of creation, we can certainly see the results - infinite variety. Apart from the physical differences that are so plain to all of us, there are also characteristics and personality differences that again define us as unique. Who we are, is as unique, as how we look. Though we may share major commonality with others, there are ALWAYS defining little differences that keep us unique and make us individuals.

One of the first notions we had to decide what we believed about in this dialog has been whether we originated from purely random chance (strict evolution), or by design and intent (God based creation). There appears to be nothing random in how God does what He does. Everything we know about life in our world has immense order and consistency. There are 'laws' of physics we are ALL subject too. No one overcomes gravity on a whim. Our biological existence follows patterns, is predictable, and the level of knowledge we know about it we are quite proud of, it is in fact what we call science. Science and God are NOT mutually exclusive, after all God created the rules of space, time, and matter that science exists within. But therein lies the difference, God is the author of science, not the other way around. The point here is that God is not sloppy, careless, or random about what or how He creates - although He seems to be infinitely able to continue to be unique in the manifestation of His creations.

So 'why' do you exist? The answer MUST be, that you were created for a specific purpose which ONLY you are capable of fulfilling. Now let’s widen out just how unique that really is, because God thinks beyond our concepts of time, (meaning the emphasis we place on the here and now). God created you to be unique since the inception of the creation of man until the end of the world as we know it. You are not just uniquely created in your own time, but in all the time of man. Your purpose then may be two fold, the first to impact the world in which you live now - the second to fill a special place in the Kingdom of God for all eternity that only you can fill. But this means your individual life has meaning. Your life has meaning that is different from my own. We have different but equally meaningful reasons for our creation and our existence. It may be hard to wrap your mind around how many possible reasons God has for creating ALL the people who have ever lived, but that is because your mind is simply finite, whereas His is infinite. But your own limitations and skepticism do not lessen the truth. You are individually designed for a specific purpose only you can fill.

What happens then if you choose NOT to accept God's love and to allow the meaning of your existence both now and later, to go unfulfilled? The universe will experience the loss of your existence, and I imagine will mourn for this loss for some time. It is not a casual thing to throw-away something that is irreplaceable. 'Evil' would have you believe that 'you' are not important, just another small little cog in a great big wheel, that matters not at all in the scheme of things. But 'truth' states otherwise, in fact, 'YOU' are of infinite value. If every single other human that has ever lived or will ever live decided to reject God, and 'YOU' were the only living being who would ever accept Him for all of time, He would have still come to this earth and died, just to save 'YOU'. For just one lost sheep, God would empty heaven. Just for 'YOU'. But His plan for you is not just for you to be born, live, and die, then possibly live again. There is a work cut out for you, which you alone can do. There is something you are uniquely suited for. There is meaning beyond the scope of the time you can measure, and the world you can imagine at this point in your existence.

The quest then of your life becomes to find this purpose and fulfill it. To experience meaning on the most personal basis, we must find that thing for which we were uniquely called into existence and fulfill it, do the work we were assigned. What is that meaning for you? Only God can know. Therefore you may want to begin asking Him, what He is mind for you, and how you can begin experiencing the meaning He intended you for. Where 'evolution' leaves a seeker cold and alone - God offers purpose. Where 'evolution' declares your relative unimportance - God declares your infinite value. It is hard to outrun the source of ALL love.

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